Strong Roots

Grass under my feet and wind in my hair

Reminding me God, that Your love is there

You are my rock through the chaos on earth

And I know there’s a purpose and loving has worth

When fire and affliction burns hot on your heart

Meaningless madness will tear you apart

Take hold of the moment, stand strong and aware

That darkness will cower to God’s love affair

His power will crush the arrows that fly

The taunts of the enemy become known for their lies

The world spins unknowing the battles to fight

So I war on my knees to replace darkness with light

With each breath in my lungs I vow to live well

And let God use my life as His story to tell

Pages keep turning as days turn to years

I stop to reflect how He’s used all my tears

Seeds of grace and forgiveness flourish and grow

In each burning affliction I’m pushed closer to know

True joy and love when I dig deeper to find

Strong roots reach the Giver of your life and mine.



To Love is to Gain

Such is a life, so easily ended
Let your own heart, be easily mended.
Voices are heard, and choices made
Best remain calm, as love’s steps are laid.
Echoes are kept, in memory’s glances
Perfect reflection, fuels future advances.
Gathering strength, and endurance to bear
Incoming life, full of passion and tears.
I wouldn’t have chosen, a life without pain
For to bleed is to feel, and to love is to gain.

Mercy Box

Life is wasted on so many small worries

Drink in all of the joy and sorrow

And find your way, His way

Close your eyes and dream

Picture where you want to be

Take His hand and trust His Word

Escape the pain and confusion, if only for a moment

Trust His enduring Love

Sadness can be so sweet-

If you smile at the Love thereafter

The emotions you feel, the tears you cry

Collected in the Mercy Box

Lessons learned-

In wisdom, in faith, in love

The wisdom gained

Is a real and precious gift

Only treasured by those God has chosen

To take it all in, to give it all back in love

(written in April 2002)

Brave Hearts

Washing waters cover me

Lovely thoughts of grace

Tell me where your heart may be

And I will find your face

Treasures kept along the way

Behind a door, unlocked

Seek to find the wound and pray

Tormented thoughts are stopped

Another day of life appears

Open the gift of sunrise

Listen as God’s nature cheers

Brave hearts will win the prize.

All You

Be alive, be real, and be present;

If it makes you laugh, embrace it.

If it makes you cry, lean in.

Be all you, in the midst;

And let all things ring genuine.

Not only if it’s true.

Not only if it’s good.

But because, each of your moments

Will be used by your Creator, these

Are part of your life, this is you.

Simply Go

To let God make us, instead of painfully trying to make ourselves; to follow the path that his love shows us, instead of through conceit or cowardice or mockery choosing another; to trust Him for our strength and fitness as the flowers do, simply giving ourselves back to Him in grateful service,—this is to keep the laws that give us the freedom of the city in which there is no longer any night of bewilderment or ignorance or uncertainty.

Sarah Orne Jewett, A Country Doctor