Healing New Start

What I want is to see you, both good and the bad

To look past the soaring, and see landing pad

Where do you park when your day is all done?

What does it look like when moon takes the sun?

I come to you open, heart full of love

I see your reflection in the mirror above

How can I speak to you without your guard lifted?

How can I lead you where faith has me gifted?

I echo the teachings and follow my God

How can I share this without seeming odd?

I trust in my Savior, for this truth I know

That He will be near me where ever I go

And so once again my gaze falls to you

The you’s and the everyone’s in wide open blue

My passion is bursting, my soul cries for heart

To share this revealing, this healing new start.

Life That Lasts

Sweetness lies in memories,

Trigger feelings, jolting life awake-

Bright spark, heart responds.

Looking back into life,

In moments, recently passed,

Or further back in time, you see.

Reflecting, thinking, smiling in jest.

Don’t dwell in weakness, chase joy.

Focus on goodness, and dim the rest.

Gather your treasures, and keep them close.

Treasures of light, and sometimes in darkness-

Glistening jewels need shadows, to gleam.

Beaming rays shine brightly, at night.

If you look, you will find your love.

It’s not too late to make new memories.

It’s not too late to dance, or sing out loud.

It’s not too late for love to blossom.

God will take your pieces, scattered along-

Strewn like chaos, like feathers in the wind.

And He will weave them, into beautiful

Living fabric, life giving life that lasts.

All You

Be alive, be real, and be present;

If it makes you laugh, embrace it.

If it makes you cry, lean in.

Be all you, in the midst;

And let all things ring genuine.

Not only if it’s true.

Not only if it’s good.

But because, each of your moments

Will be used by your Creator, these

Are part of your life, this is you.


When you’ve had a taste of something sweet

Something real and indescribable

It’s hard to yield to surrogates

Where masks and mascara disguise

Life looks different, eyes see blurry

Ears hear muffled, heart feels tiny

City lights are cold, brightness blinding

Return to the simple, open breezes

Stretch life across country roads

Blooming borders, miles unwinding

The goodness lies before you

Not without pain or trouble

But the sweet whispers of God always

The only real truth of love stands clear, and yet

Magical beauty only captures dim reflections

While promised eternity shines golden

Something Beautiful


Mistakes can be a catalyst for change if you will give in to the refining. Motives are purified in the heart and love will cover if you love enough. Let God do the heavy lifting and your soul will feel lighter. Seek peace, and pursue it. (Psalm 34:14). Laugh and enjoy the beauty right in front of you. There is always something beautiful.

Photo by: Cross My Heart

Sweet Summer Rain  

Scorching rays, burn down from the sun

As the heat waves are rising, clouds cover

One drop, then two, then a thousand at once

Suddenly it seems, the sun’s heat was a dream

Washing grass and concrete, cooling the earth

Steamy surfaces once blazing and hot, are now slick

Each one releasing the scent, of sweet summer rain.