He Does

From heart to words I hit the page;  Slamming down my pain.

I hear a voice that calls to me; Drawing tears, from the deep well of my soul.

But it’s not a voice, more of a persistent tug on my spirit, That is my God. I feel you.

Down in my being, I am full of laughter, smiles, and joy; I am forgiving and gentle.

But now, only anguish seems to be pulling at me from below, I force my eyes upward, to love.

I am stumbling in both directions, up and down. I want to feel stable and safe.

I yearn for the wildness of God to surround. Protect me, know me, love me; and He does.

As She Walks


As she walks, her life sheds love and grace

Not without pain, or sin, she is not perfect

But her blessing is known, by those who notice

Walk through thorns, and blood is drawn

Briars lead, to the sweetness of beauty

Halfway to heaven, yet hell all around

Her course of life is etched, in eternity

Choices and intentions, are all that remain

Believe in love, and you will surely feel

There is light, and shadow, but light remains

Cling to the strength, of love and truth

No matter the struggle, heaven wins

Desire. Fantasy. Reality. Struggle. God loves you.

These are truths I know. And love is true.

I learned that life, is not what it seems

Reality is not what you see, you have to listen

Think from your heart, let your spirit soar

Inhale deeply and let yourself go, step forward

Faith can be strengthening and daunting

I will cling to my truths, AND YOU.



You scream at the sins but don’t fight for what‘s missing

Crying for love and yet you were not listening

Back into darkness, I find my own way

I want to be good, I kneel down and pray

You blame the wine, the sex, or the drug

When really, it’s all just a hole and a plug

A missing piece of me, gaping and empty

Longing for something, to feel like its plenty

Sensational actions,and life without censor

Our hearts were created, for love and adventure

True love can fill you, God’s love is enough

If only be still, without proving you’re tough

Life without boundaries, without drawing the lines

Plumbing against evil, touch thorns on the vines

Eyes open to light, to grace and forgiveness

Arms open wide, if you trust God within this

He’ll show you your faith, will bring plenty of bliss

To drink living water, your thirst will be quenched

And the place that was empty, will truly be drenched.