Happy New Year!

In my final reflections of 2014 I have chosen “simplify” as my life theme for 2015. Simplify is defined as: “To make simpler, either by reducing in complexity, reducing to component parts, or making easier to understand. To become simpler.” And so this is my prayer for my life and yours: May our lives be made simpler, less complex, ushering in more peace, letting love rule in our hearts. No matter what circumstances arise, I pray you know down in the depths of your being that true love holds you, our Creator loves you, and Jesus will walk with you through the toughest days as well as the gladdest days of your life. All you have to do is reach for His hand. May you make room in your days for quiet moments to refresh your heart and soul. Beautifully simple. Amen. Happy New Year!

Conquer New Lands


And as the year comes to a close

Time runs swift, heaven knows

Savored gifts and moments passed

Breezes caught and beauty grasped

Forgive with grace, none too soon

Offer mercy, cast seeds to bloom

Future goodness, hope springs “New Year”

Follow with footsteps without fear

Look inside your own deep heart

Worry not of another’s part

God has a purpose planned just for you

Other’s words won’t make it true

Trust and believe the desires set

Within your spirit, lest you forget

Breathe deep the air from where you are

Open eyes focus, near never far

Let life open as faith expands

Heart cries are answered, to conquer new lands.


Words and photo by Jennifer JLS