A Law Officer’s Wife

You married well

She is a fighter

Glorious and strong

She shines brighter

You step out to fight

She remains still

Her strength is hidden

In a fiery will

Brave and lonely

You keep to yourself

She sees you truly

And fuels your stealth

Badged with an honor

To serve and protect

She’s got your six

You’ve earned her respect

No matter the distance

She follows you close

The most difficult path

Abandoned by most

Assured in her knowledge

Of your merciful of heart

She loves you truly

And accepts her part

Tried with the truth

Of the fallout of life

I am proud to say

I am a law officer’s wife.

What Love Does

When you give your heart away

There is floating in between

A place of honest giving

Trust in how it will be received

The truth in giving love

Is to draw from our Redeemer

The One who gave it all

To the frail and flawed receivers

Faded flower calling in colors

Take a second look before you pass

New does not always mean best

Return to the the richer past

Knowing and loving and being true

Words to solve a puzzle

Understanding why is not so bad

Soak into my loving nuzzel

The question of how does not matter

My heart has been rooted in God

Loving a man that is in a battle

Is a wife’s holy and graceful nod

Moving to the next me brigade

Is nothing compared to commitment

A vow to be what I could not be

Without my Saviour’s commission

A love was protrayed in agony

A sheep praying for her wolves

Nailed to a cross with a silent prayer

Sacrifice is what love does

Sealed With a Kiss


(Inspired by Genesis Women)

These stories of women
From so long ago
Mothers of kingdoms
Lessons to know
Eve was deceived
Sin entered the land
Yet the promise was spoken
Redeemed once again
Sarah though empty
A son by God’s hand
And now Rebekah
Mothered two nations
Two sons and one blessing
A difficult relation
As I ponder their faith
And think of my now
I am moved by the wonder
And the depth of a vow
The promise from God
Spoken deep in my heart
I know that my story
Is broken in parts
But the beautiful mystery
Of love and desire
Sprinkled with blessing
And purpose much higher
Of life giving love
In my role as a wife
I am honored to call
My husband for life
What God joined together
And sealed with a kiss
Let nothing and no one
Destroy what is His.


Love Never Fails

❤️Celebrating 13 years of marriage on this 18th day of January. Saying “I do” to the man I loved then in no way compares to who God has given me to love even deeper today. Through trials and triumphs God has taught us the true meaning of love and forgiveness, and what commitment looks like. Praying for marriages as I reflect and smile at how great and faithful our God is. With Him all things are possible. This 13th chapter has come alive to me through the mysteriously wonderful gift of marriage. “Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.” (1 Corinthians 13:4-7 NLT) Love never fails.


New Nows


Dive into depths and seek out real life

Ask questions and listen to the desperate wife

Find in your judgment a place to glisten

Humans are praying for someone to listen.


In a world that’s connected by digits and light

Flickering screens give false life to the night

Propelled by freedom and programmed to greet

We are far from the fruit that souls need to eat.


Come to me now and hold out your hand

Let my skin feel yours and let feet feel the sand

Remove your devices from sad, orphaned hearts

Try and remember where life really starts.


No place for a photo op, no ‘selfie’ to boot

Come and live life without ‘likes’ as your loot

Treasure in darkness what God can make healed

Your life is more precious than ‘likes’ can reveal.


And so if you’re seeking an end to your marriage

Remember that Facebook cannot be your carriage

Blessings are found in honoring vows

Forgiveness is perfect for creating new nows.



You hold my heart with nervous hands,

Afraid of its breaking.

Quietly whisper, “I’ll take the chance”

Slowly, gently waking.

Nightmarish past tainted with blackness,

Gentle heart buried

Beneath harshness, piercing pain.

Uncovered, carried

Within bodies created by loving hands,

It is you I married.

Promises spoken, trust varied.

I am yours, I love you- very.

To Love is to Gain

Such is a life, so easily ended
Let your own heart, be easily mended.
Voices are heard, and choices made
Best remain calm, as love’s steps are laid.
Echoes are kept, in memory’s glances
Perfect reflection, fuels future advances.
Gathering strength, and endurance to bear
Incoming life, full of passion and tears.
I wouldn’t have chosen, a life without pain
For to bleed is to feel, and to love is to gain.

As He Sleeps

As he sleeps my heart is quieted. My love covers him like moonlight. As I gaze upon his peaceful slumber, I am comforted that he is healing. The years I’ve known him settle into now, and I am grateful for this beautiful man, given to me from our creator. My path intersected with his, and my life was made brighter by him. Our inner lights shine brighter together, and our purpose to love was made complete.

Heavenly Father, hold us together and let not this world or any human break us apart. Keep our hearts softened and our devotion to each other strong. Help us to be open and honest, gracious and forgiving, standing together no matter what. Amen.