Rise and Stand 

Boldy march to battle lines

Chin up with visioned purpose

Armed with love and sacrifice

A selfish life is worthless

The voice that calls your heart to act

Is one of truth and honor

Your life was given for this day

Warrior princess, daughter

Remember childhood destiny

Recall your soul’s desire

Embers buried deep within

Now stoked alive with fire

It’s time to set the captives free

The seeds have burst in bloom

Open arms and steady now

The time is none too soon

Your were born in perfect time

Your people need a voice

The Lord has watched and prayers were heard

He honors your selfless choice

Hard lessons learned in secret places

Strength and might have grown

If you could see your beauty now

You are loved, protected, known

Rise and stand as who you are

Redeemed in Jesus’ love

Unafraid what future brings

Eyes fixed on God above.

(Inspired by Esther 1-10)


Waiting (Inspired by Ruth 3)


Wilderness wandering leaves me bare

Hands fall empty with nothing to share

Cover me with redeeming wings

In Christ alone my spirit sings

Worldly knowledge is grasping for straw

If knowing and gaining scrapes heart raw

I’m heading to the threshing floor

With all I’ve lost, but gaining more

Calm and trusting silent pace

Remove the covering seek His grace

I lay my body at His feet

The Lord will grant the claim I seek

I will do what You have asked

My face will shine without the mask

And if today meets chaos or pain

My heart will know that truth remains

Remember Ruth and all she lost

Her beautiful faith was worth the cost

Questions asked and prayers now wait

Resisting worry in delay

My grateful heart will choose delight

Remembering blessings from day to night.

Knowing (Inspired by Ruth 2)


When we are faithful

Our Father will see

Trusting the refuge

Beneath His wings

Believing in promise

Vowing to stay

Trust unwavering

Come what may

Time clicks slowly

Heart reassured

Obedient waiting

Motives are pure

Opening hands

To receive as it comes

Gleaning and humble

Beauty in crumbs

Eyes are upon you

Watching your stride

Smile in the knowing

God will provide.

Thoughts on Ruth 1


So many things here. At first I stopped short at how Naomi urged her daughters in law to go back to their land and former gods. I shook my head thinking, if she believed in the one true God then why would she do that? Why wouldn’t she do everything she could to convince them to follow her? And then God took me deeper in. Naomi lost her husband and her two sons. How heavy was her grief? Very. I carry a loss that hurts, but because there is life and breath in the one I have lost, there is hope for redemption and reunion. For Naomi, in her new now, she must journey without her lover and two sons. Yet she makes a sacrifice, to urge the only family she has left to leave her. She was acting out of a sacrificial heart. She believed these younger women whom she loved would find life and rest if they would return to their homeland and find security in husbands she felt certain would be easier to attain there. She wanted what she believed was best for them.

And then there is Ruth. She vowed to stay. And here is the depth of understanding God has shown me, but I am not sure I can adequately express it in words. Ruth was with Naomi as her daughter in law for ten years. She watched Naomi lose everything. Naomi did not pretend all was well. She wanted to change her name to bitterness. And yet, Naomi’s love and faith for God was bigger than anything in her circumstances. Ruth was watching. Ruth wanted to know this God her mother in law followed. She saw faith in action. Not in a life of ease and comfort, we know there was no happily ever after that she could see in this life. And yet, God moved within her. Ruth saw Naomi’s obedience to the God of Israel and this was striking.

I am struck. This is what we are called to do. This is the level of faith we are to attain. This is what God is refining us for. To draw in so closely to the heart of God that we sense the eternal hope He gives. Even in the suffering we hope. We know we are loved so deeply that a Father gave His Son’s life for us. And through our unwavering faith and being fiercely devoted, we shine the light of God into the world around us. They are watching. Who will decide to turn their back on their homeland to follow our God into the unknown? Who sees us and wants what we possess? Who does the world think we are? And who do they see us following?

(Your Cup Today)

Morning comes and we awaken
Wipe away the dust of stars
Open eyes to reality, shaken
Breathe in a day’s new life…

Decision time is here and now
Today we cannot hide
Let go of where you thought you’d be
Your faith is now your guide.
Cast your vision higher up
It’s time to venture on
Take the step in front of you
Uncertain as a fawn
Like a creature born today
Everything is new
The Lord is calling out to say
You’re mine, I created you
And in this childlike confidence
You have the world at bay
Dive in to depths never tasted
He will fill your cup today.

Inspired by Hannah


(1 Samuel 1-2)

The journey might be stained with tears
Yet faith and hope expel her fears
Along the way she searches truth
A word from God assuring proof
She asked He Gave
She lost He found
Her knees again dig into ground
Wildest prayers from depth of heart
Waiting and wanting a brand new start.

For Such a Time

(For Such a Time)

Inspired by Rebekah and Esther 4:14

When the waters are choppy
and the way seems unclear
Let my heart be at peace
Step out with no fear
When others around me
Seem worried and frail
May my walk show confidence
That my God will not fail
Shall I shrink back in shadows
When I hear His voice call?
And avoid the abundance
Jesus came to give all?
My spirit cries “no!”
I will not be afraid
I will rest in the safety
His promises made
This journey prepared me
Lessons not to be missed
My life given purpose
For such a time as this.

I pray for each one of us that no matter our situation, we will trust in the hands that formed us, in Jesus who saved us, and God will not fail us. May our hearts be filled with strength enough for our moments and overflow with goodness to those around us. May we accept the invitation from God with peace in our hearts to follow where He leads. May we say like Rebekah “I will go.” Amen





A woman in duty
An ordinary day
Lost in her thoughts
Routine, mundane
Down by the water
A beautiful girl
Heart of a servant
A promise unfurled
How simple and lovely
A story like ours
God reaches in
To give us the stars
Our hands must be ready
To receive what He gives
Love well in our moments
In us His love lives
She acted in grace
Went over and above
Watering camels
Quenched thirst with love
In her act of kindness
She answered a prayer
Pure and unknowing
The promises there
Amazed at how quickly
Our lives can be changed
One act in a moment
Hope in life rearranged.


Sealed With a Kiss


(Inspired by Genesis Women)

These stories of women
From so long ago
Mothers of kingdoms
Lessons to know
Eve was deceived
Sin entered the land
Yet the promise was spoken
Redeemed once again
Sarah though empty
A son by God’s hand
And now Rebekah
Mothered two nations
Two sons and one blessing
A difficult relation
As I ponder their faith
And think of my now
I am moved by the wonder
And the depth of a vow
The promise from God
Spoken deep in my heart
I know that my story
Is broken in parts
But the beautiful mystery
Of love and desire
Sprinkled with blessing
And purpose much higher
Of life giving love
In my role as a wife
I am honored to call
My husband for life
What God joined together
And sealed with a kiss
Let nothing and no one
Destroy what is His.


Thoughts on Genesis 21:1-7


All I can see here is grace. First, Sarah laughed to herself in disbelief when she heard God’s promise to her, and yet God heard and questioned why she laughed. In fear, Sarah denied laughing. God did not write her off or take the promise away, He gave her grace. And now, with her promised son in her arms, she laughs out loud (LOL) saying “God has made laughter for me, everyone who hears will laugh with me.” BIG GRACE.We have to remember who we are. And Who’s we are. God’s love is something I have to meditate on often. His promises feel true when all is quiet and I am sipping my coffee, spending time with Him. But as soon as I jump in my car and zoom off to work, that person pulls out and I am transported into reality. And anger, or frustration, seems to erase that peace I sat in only moments ago. And you know, that’s okay. I cannot control what happens to me, but I can definitely control what I choose to do with it. I pray that I choose well. That I learn to do better. That even in my current and very real struggles, even in my pain, that I choose well. Choosing badly only deepens the despair, and the momentary release of anger or unhealthy choice only moves me further from that peace I so badly desire. I do not want to be angry. Or right. Truly. I want to love and be loved. This is at the core of who I am as a woman. This is the catalyst that drives me to serve others, to spread joy and laughter, and is my true desire. Lord, help me to pause before reacting, comfort me in my despairing moments, reassure me in my doubts, and help me to be your light because I know where my hope springs from. The everlasting fountain of love is here for the sipping, for the tasting, for the filling of empty heart spaces I fear will never be satisfied, the unanswered dreams that have faded, the yearning for significance. Father comfort our hearts, inspire us to hope in big things, and let your will be done. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

(Words to Grow)

I drink in words

And pour them out.

Language soothes

A place without.

Thoughts in poetry

Guide my mind.


Peace, I find-

Where otherwise,

Rocky steps

Could bring demise.

My Savior places

Gifts within

To grow with life

To grow again.

Thoughts on Genesis 17:15-21 & 18:1-5


It is in the waiting where we are refined. Moving through time can be hard if we resist the process. When we try and force something by our own hand, there is an element of striving and unrest, and therefore no peace. Yes, we must work hard and be excellent in our duties, whether in our home life or in the corporate world. But, we can only do what we can do, with what we are given. And sometimes, oftentimes, we must wait. The purpose of reading and studying God’s word is to use it as a guide, to learn from mistakes of others, to be encouraged by examples of faith, to find truth, life, and peace. To know God more. I love the honesty of this story. Sarai is not painted as a perfect wife, she is not someone I cannot relate to. She is real, and honest, she made poor choices, and even laughed at God’s promise and then lied to God about it. This is not a watered down religious how to, pie in the sky kind of teaching. This is not, how to be perfect in 10 steps. This is vulnerability, this is authentic humanity, this is desire and longing, this is me. And so Sarai is given a new name. God said “I will bless her”, and He did. God’s promise comes to life and we see how His plan will come to pass no matter what our hands destroy in the process. There is grace. There is mercy. There is love. And in our world where there is destructive pride driving our lifestyles, commercials telling us what we need, books and movies telling us there are no moral absolutes, Facebook rants about why Christians are so jaded, why are there so many unhappy faces? Why do I hear so much complaining? Where is the joy that comes from being blessed abundantly in America? I want to be an example of the joy that surpasses all understanding, I want to bring life to the people around me, I want my life to bring glory and honor to my Creator. And I want to be an example of who Jesus is and why I follow Him. And so I keep studying, sharing, and praying hard for the hearts and lives of my people.

(Chasing Grays)

Sift and save the moments

Treasures found within your days

Walk with great intention

Collecting goodness in the frays

A day is born in morning

God’s gifting in the rays

Light bursts forth with promise

Chasing darkness, chasing grays.