A Law Officer’s Wife

You married well

She is a fighter

Glorious and strong

She shines brighter

You step out to fight

She remains still

Her strength is hidden

In a fiery will

Brave and lonely

You keep to yourself

She sees you truly

And fuels your stealth

Badged with an honor

To serve and protect

She’s got your six

You’ve earned her respect

No matter the distance

She follows you close

The most difficult path

Abandoned by most

Assured in her knowledge

Of your merciful of heart

She loves you truly

And accepts her part

Tried with the truth

Of the fallout of life

I am proud to say

I am a law officer’s wife.

Thoughts on Genesis 4 (Eve)

Our faith journey. The journey. It is impossible to know someone’s full story. More than what we can share with each other is what is shared with God. In the deep and secret places where we sit with our thoughts. Our prayers. Only God can hear the joy of our heart praising. Our words cannot express. Only God knows the depths of pain we feel. Words cannot express. Only God hears our bitterness and doubt when loss rips away our life. Words cannot express. Only God can beckon us into the Light. Words cannot. It is in our spirit where the battle rages. Why me? Why her? Why not me? Why not her? In this life we are faced with too much to bear alone. Joy feels too much, our hearts feel too full sometimes, even when its good. Pain feels too much, our hearts too heavy to carry. And then we have Jesus. I cannot imagine Eve’s faith journey without knowing what we know now. We can rest assured that Jesus will walk us out into the unknown. Joy or pain. Faith or doubt. But Eve, to journey into a stronger faith after losing one son and being given another. A beautiful restoration story. A beautiful reminder.

Victory in the Middle


I am struck by the truth of how easily our strength fades in the middle. We all have those moments of clarity, inspired by God’s word, spoken deep within us, and we know what we are to do! We step out in faith, we begin the work of rebuilding, or loving in action, or we forgive what seems unforgiveable. And then the sun rises one morning, the once beautiful rays of light have been darkened by clouds. Thunder rolls in the distance and you wonder. Discouragement sets in, doubts fog up our minds. How easy it would be to just give up, give in, go out, and live like your neighbor who seems to be doing just fine. But, we are the women who know our God. We have studied and we have prayed. Our hearts have been guarded well, and so the attacks of our enemies, the Enemy, cannot breach our souls. God will fight for us. He who wants to destroy us cannot have a victory in us. It is time to get back to work. It is time to get back to Love. Take up the weapons, put on the full armor, and this time do not lay them down until the work is complete. Beginnings are full of fresh ambition, building seems worthy, but just as a lavish dinner with friends is wonderful, the time of enjoyment must turn to cleaning up. This is part of the process. Memories planted in our hearts are not erased by taking out the garbage. Part of the building includes removing the rubbish. Making room for the firm foundations to be set, an integral piece of the larger goal. Remember why you started. Remember your people, remember the love, and remember what Jesus did for you. For us. So much love through pain. The victory is not always found at the end, but right in the middle where you did not give up.

(We Are The Women)

Smack dab in the messy

We show our selves real

We take what we’re given

The cards in the deal

We are given one life

One great story line

That one is yours

And this one is mine

We are the women

Who live from the heart

Brave and courageous

For every new start

When life tosses toughness

We catch it with strength

Turn it and mold it

Stretch love with new length

I’m not saying easy

Not giving a shrug

Just one step, then two

With a God given hug

We treasure our friendships

Hold close to a few

Makes mornings more lovely

Like freshly formed dew

And so retreat daily

Into God’s loving hands

Fill empty places for

New mornings, new lands.

(Nehemiah 4:10-23)

Love to Love

Sometimes eternity, reaches to me

Jolts me awake, and my eyes really see

I drink in the soulful, heart wrenched melody

Notes play out pain, free rest gives to beauty

And therein lies life, right in front of me


Life loves to live

And love lives to love

Give me a love where life gives all in love


Warm washes coldness, chips away steel

Bringing forth mystery, heart songs I can feel

Love sparks courageous, seeks layers to peel

Give in to hear music, unfolding to real

Reciprocal joy, follows steps on the heel


Life loves to live

And love lives to love

Give me a love where life gives all in love


Another day dawns, birds singing in flight

Returning the favor, of God’s morning light

Echo the singing soul, battle songs for the fight

Beautiful balance, of wrongs blended right

Step forth a new chapter, new songs for new might


I love to live

And my life loves to love

God gave me a life to show love loving love


Freedom Reigns

Heart walks wild envisioning gladness

reaping rewards of following sadness

led through the mazes of beauty and pain

no rest for the weary, walk on through the rain

guided by glimpses, sun glowing above

journey again to a promise of love

heart takes the challenge, risky and bold

fight through the darkness, fight through the cold

shedding the layers of envy and hate

bear only pure love, the hour is late

burning ablaze, stoking embers within

truth burning fire, freedom reigns once again.