Weightless but grounded

Like a feather in dirt

Softly kept freedom

Rises above the hurt

Wakeful with prayer

Salted with grace

Voice spoken words

A smile on my face

Breathing in deep

Life upon lungs

Another day opens

Where yesterday hung

Light upon shadows

Like waves upon sand

Washing away

Mistakes of my hand

Morning brings promise

An unopened gift

Carefully unwrapping

Joy takes the next shift.

Deeper Still

There is hope in the aftermath

Grace in the fury

Letting go and letting God

Freedom from worry

Pain pulls my heart to Him

Quiet mystery

Unrequited beckoning

Let Him capture me

Deep calls to deeper still

Soul always longing

Made to want a lovers touch

Held in belonging

Discarded for another’s shine

Won’t dull my light

Glowing joy will fuel my smile

Settled heart tonight

Prayers lift for healing sleep

Breathe in for peace

Eyes closed in knowing trust

Sweet sleep released.

Seen In Part

Love when it’s hard, love when it isn’t

Love past the pain when you heart isn’t in it

Take up your grace and follow in kind

Shine light into darkness keep victory in mind

Take off your shoes, touch earth with bare

Let holiness seep with the power that’s there

Suspended in heaven a blue earth that floats

Tethered and grounded with dust covered hope

Sorrow will drown if you give in to the pull

Loss and betrayal fills empty to full

Push past the temptation to let too much go

Strategic intention holds truth that you know

Arrive at each morning with fresh eyes of love

Waiting and knowing a branch comes with the dove

Genesis story reminds me of God’s hand

His strength that’s invisible will help me to stand

Rise and walk to the voice that is calling

Take the path forward when promise is stalling

Keep to the course that is clear in your heart

Fullness in future only now seen in part.

Safe To Open

Life goes on around my heart

Like standing still at rush hour

Holding ground and pulled in close

Aware of the urgent now

Wind whipped hair, closed eyes

I hear the hurry

I remember where home is

Covered from the flurry

A day reminds of what could be

Of what is lost and broken

Memories flood contained

The mask hides unspoken

Life untethered leads at risk

I mind the wise direction

Lovely bloom in sidewalk crack

Smile in imperfection

Winter bare strips life

Revealing all that stands

Fleeting happiness gone

Abiding on Holy land

Trusting in gifts received

Treasures kept in Heaven

I’ve been named by Adonai

Heart safe to open.


I stand in the shadows and watch your life shine

The gifts you enjoy I wish they were mine

Most name me in kindness a self giving soul

But thoughts underneath if I’m honest are cruel

It isn’t my heart that wants to be cold

But the pride that’s within feeds on pain left untold

These words as I write them feel selfish and wrong

And the evil will conquer if I don’t hold on strong

The truth that I know will bring back the light

Coax me from darkness, my Prince, my Knight

I turn my heart from this blasphemous woe

Succumb to the Savior my soul came to know

Honest in struggles and vulnerable truth

Lands me straight in the arms of infallible proof

Prayers have been answered and goodness restored

In the flash of a moment the doubts have been torn

I step out in faith leaving comfortable knowns

Drawing strength for the journey that is not my own

To be loved as a daughter by the Creator of all

A Kingdom awaits and in hope I stand tall

The envy that threatens to bring down and destroy

Is conquered by freedom Christ gave to enjoy

A life with purpose and a world to explore

Instead of relief I seek wisdom and peace more.