New Normal

Shedding the scales of the old ways

Believing the new ways will come

Forced to exist in a smaller domain

There is nowhere to run away from

A heavy storm of sickness and fear

Has washed across the earth

Page after page in a never ending chapter

What was our previous life worth?

Missing the chaos, we want to return

To places we knew too well

Somehow we know this is crazy

Yet our heart is too desperate to tell

The longer the pause, the more we settle

A chance to consider the past

Maybe this reset and unwelcome halt

Reveals we were living too fast

Reaching for things we thought would bring joy

Pursuing pleasure and lust and money

We forgot how to feel the pain of too much

And bitterness tasted like honey

A new normal set into the rhythm of life

Hidden things come bursting into view

Some things are dark and some filled with light

Most of which we already knew

The power to choose when the world opens up

Holds a chance for the life we desire

I pray that the chaos cannot recover

And the shadows don’t kill back the fire

There is a smoldering spark of redemption

Patiently waiting to burst with a hopeful flame

All we must do is fill with God’s love and recover

Knowing our stories will not be the same.

Lead me

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:4-5 NASB

“Become intimate with Him in whatever you do and He will lead you wherever you go.” v. 5 TPT

When walking a dog, you shorten the lead when you want to gain more control. The longer the lead, the more freedom for the dog to do whatever he wants. The freedom of a longer lead seems like the desired choice. More freedom is what the world says we deserve. But, I know all too well when my freedom to choose has landed me in a bad spot.

I love verse 6 of this scripture from The Passion Translation. Being intimate with God is a close and knowing posture. There is pure love there and not restriction in a negative sense. But rather, by trusting God completely I know His best for me will supercede anything I could come up with or desire. I have known the joy that comes from a powerful dog in complete obedience to my command. I wanted the best for my dog. I wanted his mind at ease and not in chaos with all the stimulants of sight and smell. I wanted a peaceful and enjoyable walk with him. Such strength and safety came out of that companionship. This is a beautiful picture of the kind of strength and companionship I desire with God.

Lord, Thank you for the path of humility you have led me on. The more control I give you, the more peace I have. I trust you Lord. Guide me and strengthen me as I lean on your wisdom and plan for my life. Bring me in closer to your heart. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Twirl (Light)

I find myself smiling, watching a child

Airport delays ruffle feathers and minds

People and cases are rushing around

I desperately seek, but few smiles can be found

Pulled back to this girl, no more than age four

She’s laughing and trotting, to her life is more

More than the stressing and money to spend

She’d rather chase bubbles, gushing joy without end

To me this is heaven, to others a bore

Wondering why won’t the parents do more

To shut down this angelic innocent face

Would remove all the light she was giving this place

Heart strings are played when I find such a gift

In the currents of life that at times feel too swift

Perfect encouragement timing is true

When God knows my heart feels the blessings are few

On days when mass shootings are drowning the news

Chaos strikes quickly changing all that you knew

Thumbs tapping quickly with ranting and prayer

Media streaming with deafening snare

Back to the airport and the happiness girl

If only a moment I’ll just watch her twirl.