Life. Hold On.

Celebrate your every breath (we should)

Take it as it comes (we don’t)

Live every moment as if it’s your last (regrets)

So why don’t we do what we say (advice)

Rush in, rush out, breathe in, sigh out.

Life passing fast, slow down to a crawl

Stay close to the ground, notice detail

Tiny fragments wisping by, moments

In danger of losing, stop the madness

One life to live, each ticking second to grasp

And hold on. Precious simplicity

Found in these tiny fragments ( life).

Life is More

Walk with me in silence

To the places I love

Hand in hand I’ll show you

Where my soul fits like a glove

Feel the soft wind breezes

Grassy softness to bare feet

Kick off worldly worries

Let body and hearts meet

Can you hear the Voice calling?

From gently running streams

Mossy waters speaking

Life is more than it may seem.

Brave Hearts

Washing waters cover me

Lovely thoughts of grace

Tell me where your heart may be

And I will find your face

Treasures kept along the way

Behind a door, unlocked

Seek to find the wound and pray

Tormented thoughts are stopped

Another day of life appears

Open the gift of sunrise

Listen as God’s nature cheers

Brave hearts will win the prize.

Life That Lasts

Sweetness lies in memories,

Trigger feelings, jolting life awake-

Bright spark, heart responds.

Looking back into life,

In moments, recently passed,

Or further back in time, you see.

Reflecting, thinking, smiling in jest.

Don’t dwell in weakness, chase joy.

Focus on goodness, and dim the rest.

Gather your treasures, and keep them close.

Treasures of light, and sometimes in darkness-

Glistening jewels need shadows, to gleam.

Beaming rays shine brightly, at night.

If you look, you will find your love.

It’s not too late to make new memories.

It’s not too late to dance, or sing out loud.

It’s not too late for love to blossom.

God will take your pieces, scattered along-

Strewn like chaos, like feathers in the wind.

And He will weave them, into beautiful

Living fabric, life giving life that lasts.


When you’ve had a taste of something sweet

Something real and indescribable

It’s hard to yield to surrogates

Where masks and mascara disguise

Life looks different, eyes see blurry

Ears hear muffled, heart feels tiny

City lights are cold, brightness blinding

Return to the simple, open breezes

Stretch life across country roads

Blooming borders, miles unwinding

The goodness lies before you

Not without pain or trouble

But the sweet whispers of God always

The only real truth of love stands clear, and yet

Magical beauty only captures dim reflections

While promised eternity shines golden

Birds of a feather

No matter what is happening in my life, when I have a camera cradled in my hands, I am at peace.

When the camera has a chance to record anything worthwhile, I am even more blessed.

And when I can share these moments with you, peace is hopefully multiplied.      

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Simply Go

To let God make us, instead of painfully trying to make ourselves; to follow the path that his love shows us, instead of through conceit or cowardice or mockery choosing another; to trust Him for our strength and fitness as the flowers do, simply giving ourselves back to Him in grateful service,—this is to keep the laws that give us the freedom of the city in which there is no longer any night of bewilderment or ignorance or uncertainty.

Sarah Orne Jewett, A Country Doctor