Awaiting Hands

Through Your wisdom

I have found

A source of energy

A life unbound

Amazing strength

Mysterious care

Your silent calling

I am aware

Each day I seek You

Expectant heart

This world will fade

Where Heaven starts

And so I’m thankful

For every pain

My knees have dug

Where prayers have gained

Another day 

Is gifted to

Awaiting hands

Received from You. 

(Inspired by Proverbs)

Conquer New Lands

And as the year comes to a close Time runs swift, heaven knows Savored gifts and moments passed Breezes caught and beauty grasped Forgive with grace, none too soon Offer mercy, cast seeds to bloom …

Source: Conquer New Lands


Twinkling lights of Christmas cheer 

Joyous tunes for all to hear

Brisker air is blowing through

Smiles are wrapped in all we do

As we rock around the tree

Remind us of the gift that’s free

A Father’s love with hands of grace

The manger holds a baby’s face

Born of Mary, God’s true Son

Promise foretold, the war is won

When Old St. Nick comes to town

Help me remember the bloody crown

Beauty from ashes, darkness to Light

Turns feeling forsaken to merry and bright

Denying our pain does not make it true

But the love of our Savior will strengthen you

The most perfect gift we could ever receive

Is already ours, in our hearts to believe. 



To be filled with goodness

There must be space

Pour out the heavy

Let filling await

Bask in the feeling

Lighter and free

Stand still in the moment

To breathe and just be

Allow awe and wonder

Guide your next move

Awake to your dreams

You’ve go nothing to prove

Unshackle your heart

From the coldness of fear

Re-ponder your purpose

Once vision is cleared

Time may tick slowly

While standing in place

But peaceful in knowing

I am filling with grace.

Twirl (Light)

I find myself smiling, watching a child

Airport delays ruffle feathers and minds

People and cases are rushing around

I desperately seek, but few smiles can be found

Pulled back to this girl, no more than age four

She’s laughing and trotting, to her life is more

More than the stressing and money to spend

She’d rather chase bubbles, gushing joy without end

To me this is heaven, to others a bore

Wondering why won’t the parents do more

To shut down this angelic innocent face

Would remove all the light she was giving this place

Heart strings are played when I find such a gift

In the currents of life that at times feel too swift

Perfect encouragement timing is true

When God knows my heart feels the blessings are few

On days when mass shootings are drowning the news

Chaos strikes quickly changing all that you knew

Thumbs tapping quickly with ranting and prayer

Media streaming with deafening snare

Back to the airport and the happiness girl

If only a moment I’ll just watch her twirl. 

Greater Lands

The youngest of brothers cast out in the mud

Unknown and hidden but God knew he would

Rise at the time when his name was called

Anointed and chosen when the riddle was solved

Alone in the pasture tending the sheep

His heart always singing a joy he would keep

Secrets and living where no one could see

Solitude life in the wilderness heat

Danger of beasts lurking and stalking his flock

Trained up and ready no rest on the clock

Hour by hour passing slow into days

God saw David’s heart and he knew of his ways

Molded and humble he was formed in His hands

Prepared for a journey and greater new lands.

Inspired by 1 Samuel 16:1-12

Strong Roots

Grass under my feet and wind in my hair

Reminding me God, that Your love is there

You are my rock through the chaos on earth

And I know there’s a purpose and loving has worth

When fire and affliction burns hot on your heart

Meaningless madness will tear you apart

Take hold of the moment, stand strong and aware

That darkness will cower to God’s love affair

His power will crush the arrows that fly

The taunts of the enemy become known for their lies

The world spins unknowing the battles to fight

So I war on my knees to replace darkness with light

With each breath in my lungs I vow to live well

And let God use my life as His story to tell

Pages keep turning as days turn to years

I stop to reflect how He’s used all my tears

Seeds of grace and forgiveness flourish and grow

In each burning affliction I’m pushed closer to know

True joy and love when I dig deeper to find

Strong roots reach the Giver of your life and mine.



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