Grace Church Circa 1860

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Beauty and the Beach



You scream at the sins but don’t fight for what‘s missing

Crying for love and yet you were not listening

Back into darkness, I find my own way

I want to be good, I kneel down and pray

You blame the wine, the sex, or the drug

When really, it’s all just a hole and a plug

A missing piece of me, gaping and empty

Longing for something, to feel like its plenty

Sensational actions,and life without censor

Our hearts were created, for love and adventure

True love can fill you, God’s love is enough

If only be still, without proving you’re tough

Life without boundaries, without drawing the lines

Plumbing against evil, touch thorns on the vines

Eyes open to light, to grace and forgiveness

Arms open wide, if you trust God within this

He’ll show you your faith, will bring plenty of bliss

To drink living water, your thirst will be quenched

And the place that was empty, will truly be drenched.


She is a young woman searching

A beautiful soul yearning

Another heart out there

Ready for taking

Don’t be careless with her

Remember her tenderness

And don’t break her heart

Her heart has already broken

For the love of a brother

 A boy she saw dying

At the tears of her mother’s crying

They lived well, they loved smiling

And here she is growing

Into reality world’s calling

The promises that follow her

Are mysterious yet true

I see God’s hand on her

In her life, orchestrating a symphony

I see her beauty growing

Her purpose and reality revealing

Into a life she’s been dreaming

And I know she is and will be wonderful.

Deep Love Bleeds and True Love Loves

Love, is not like skipping stones

Bouncing and skimming, from one to another

I see how people love, like that

Falling to hurt and blaming the other

(My heart knows, and holds true love)

I learned in the journey, guided from above

I skimmed, across some hearts in life

Some hurts, some tears, some trouble, and strife

Then I heard, about a man, who died for me

Upon a cross, beaten, and tortured, upon a tree

His love, dripped blood, his tears, pure and clean

A love, so true, so deep, and free

A love, like this, I had never known

My loves before, were skipping stones

And now, this rock, this peace, down below

Has given, me strength, His love, I know.

Deep love bleeds, true love loves.

So I walk stronger, and so I will love.

Gather Strength

We live our lives messy, lost in the crowd

Lovin’ and stumblin’, and singin’ out loud

Smilin’ at strangers, if they’re lucky enough

To catch us, our glimpses; we walk proud and tough

Once in a while, we remember and see

The beautiful faces, God made us to be

Stop long enough, to gaze at reflected

Eyes that were once full of hope, resurrected

Stand still and wait, for a moment in time

And let Spirit’s breath, clear away tangled mind

Undo, untangle, renew and restore

God’s plan is true enough, not to ignore

He gave us salvation, His son bore the pain

And so I kneel down, gather strength, again.


There is beauty in hope. Hope is beautiful. God gave me eyes to see and when I catch it in my vision I am lifted and my heart sees grace. 

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