Inspired by Hannah


(1 Samuel 1-2)

The journey might be stained with tears
Yet faith and hope expel her fears
Along the way she searches truth
A word from God assuring proof
She asked He Gave
She lost He found
Her knees again dig into ground
Wildest prayers from depth of heart
Waiting and wanting a brand new start.

Beauty from Pain

Moments of joy and life full of love

Drift and depart through my days

Washing over and receding in spin

Like the waves of the billowing sea

Departing and loss is painful and yet

The promise of life still returns

Surprised by joy with bloom in hand

Like a gentleman courting his bride

Riding the tide and awaiting return

Learning to breathe once again

Push into the freedom of letting it go

Knowing Your love will sustain

Lord help me and keep me

And use me for good

Turn ashes to beauty from pain.

He Does

From heart to words I hit the page;  Slamming down my pain.

I hear a voice that calls to me; Drawing tears, from the deep well of my soul.

But it’s not a voice, more of a persistent tug on my spirit, That is my God. I feel you.

Down in my being, I am full of laughter, smiles, and joy; I am forgiving and gentle.

But now, only anguish seems to be pulling at me from below, I force my eyes upward, to love.

I am stumbling in both directions, up and down. I want to feel stable and safe.

I yearn for the wildness of God to surround. Protect me, know me, love me; and He does.