A woman in duty
An ordinary day
Lost in her thoughts
Routine, mundane
Down by the water
A beautiful girl
Heart of a servant
A promise unfurled
How simple and lovely
A story like ours
God reaches in
To give us the stars
Our hands must be ready
To receive what He gives
Love well in our moments
In us His love lives
She acted in grace
Went over and above
Watering camels
Quenched thirst with love
In her act of kindness
She answered a prayer
Pure and unknowing
The promises there
Amazed at how quickly
Our lives can be changed
One act in a moment
Hope in life rearranged.

To Love is to Gain

Such is a life, so easily ended
Let your own heart, be easily mended.
Voices are heard, and choices made
Best remain calm, as love’s steps are laid.
Echoes are kept, in memory’s glances
Perfect reflection, fuels future advances.
Gathering strength, and endurance to bear
Incoming life, full of passion and tears.
I wouldn’t have chosen, a life without pain
For to bleed is to feel, and to love is to gain.

Life is More

Walk with me in silence

To the places I love

Hand in hand I’ll show you

Where my soul fits like a glove

Feel the soft wind breezes

Grassy softness to bare feet

Kick off worldly worries

Let body and hearts meet

Can you hear the Voice calling?

From gently running streams

Mossy waters speaking

Life is more than it may seem.

Something Beautiful


Mistakes can be a catalyst for change if you will give in to the refining. Motives are purified in the heart and love will cover if you love enough. Let God do the heavy lifting and your soul will feel lighter. Seek peace, and pursue it. (Psalm 34:14). Laugh and enjoy the beauty right in front of you. There is always something beautiful.

Photo by: Cross My Heart