As dark as my days may seem, I am not afraid of the sunrise.

As hard as my life may feel, another day does not feel like a demise.

I still hope.

I cling to an unwavering faith that I realize is not such an easy thing for some people.

I know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I know my life matters.

That I was created for such a time as this.

And for this, I am thankful. Thankful to know such a powerful source of love and hope.

To know without a doubt that I am loved by the Creator of this vast and immensely beautiful universe.

That I matter, as if I were the last and only human on earth.

I am loved.

And you are loved too.

No matter what you believe, I am telling you that it is true.




Healed Heart Gleams

What stirs in heart at depths it seems

The whole of quiet, nature beams

Take a look and longer gaze

At what you pass in hurried days

Find the rest, your soul that thirsts

Remember love, remember firsts

Once wild desire, taken for granted

Trace back and see what seeds you planted

The tree that grows needs time to flare

Slow down, stop running, reaching for air

Hold to that which firmly rooted

Anchors soul, press play, now muted

Let beauty’s music guide your heart

Hope revealed, seen now in part

Gather treasures growing where

Your passion planted life once bare

Remember promise sown with vision

God graced you with a worthy mission

Humble down and let love rise

Cherish treasures, choices wise

Cease in searching empty dreams

Once cold and broken, healed heart gleams.

Words and Photo by Jennifer JLS


Shake Open Hands


Let go, loosen grip, and untighten the hold

Fists clenched in clinging, turns inward, heart cold

Cinched in, and cramped reeling, aching for peace

If only, hold tighter, squeeze life, no release

Step back, breathe in, forced air into lungs

Envision your hands, letting go of the rungs

This ladder you climb, is taking you where?

Are you headed toward freedom, or hell unaware?

Heavy load burdens, drags closely behind

Collected and carried, for life hoped to find

Fall to your knees, hands and face slam in dust

Tripped by your pride, presumption you must

And yet as you finally, force in the still

Stay in place for a moment, pause quiet until

Hazy view, clearing slowly, glimpse blurry at first

Sudden eyes have new vision, cease thinking the worst

Light gleams before you, hands reach from above

A Savior reminds you, of unfailing Love

Stand and release, tight grip holding your heart

Let His grace revive you, heavy load, ripped apart.

Shake open hands, stretch fingers out wide

Walk into new freedom, where God will provide

Peace will cover, like new fallen snow

Renewing soul weary, new strength as you go.

Life. Hold On.

Celebrate your every breath (we should)

Take it as it comes (we don’t)

Live every moment as if it’s your last (regrets)

So why don’t we do what we say (advice)

Rush in, rush out, breathe in, sigh out.

Life passing fast, slow down to a crawl

Stay close to the ground, notice detail

Tiny fragments wisping by, moments

In danger of losing, stop the madness

One life to live, each ticking second to grasp

And hold on. Precious simplicity

Found in these tiny fragments ( life).

To Love is to Gain

Such is a life, so easily ended
Let your own heart, be easily mended.
Voices are heard, and choices made
Best remain calm, as love’s steps are laid.
Echoes are kept, in memory’s glances
Perfect reflection, fuels future advances.
Gathering strength, and endurance to bear
Incoming life, full of passion and tears.
I wouldn’t have chosen, a life without pain
For to bleed is to feel, and to love is to gain.

Life is More

Walk with me in silence

To the places I love

Hand in hand I’ll show you

Where my soul fits like a glove

Feel the soft wind breezes

Grassy softness to bare feet

Kick off worldly worries

Let body and hearts meet

Can you hear the Voice calling?

From gently running streams

Mossy waters speaking

Life is more than it may seem.