Joyful Journey

  Waiting and watching when all seems bleak.
Anticipation. She’s smiling sweet.
Storms crash over. Eyes are blind.
Winds will topple weaker mind.
Vows sealed strong in confident mess.
Held in His arms. Her God will bless.
Faith and promises tried and true.
Reassurance in skies of blue.
Clearing clouds and bows of wonder. 
Sacred earth is heavy under.
Open hearts and eyes to see. 
Graceful glimpse of what will be.
Girding strength for this new day. 
Joyful journey come what may.

Waiting (Inspired by Ruth 3)


Wilderness wandering leaves me bare

Hands fall empty with nothing to share

Cover me with redeeming wings

In Christ alone my spirit sings

Worldly knowledge is grasping for straw

If knowing and gaining scrapes heart raw

I’m heading to the threshing floor

With all I’ve lost, but gaining more

Calm and trusting silent pace

Remove the covering seek His grace

I lay my body at His feet

The Lord will grant the claim I seek

I will do what You have asked

My face will shine without the mask

And if today meets chaos or pain

My heart will know that truth remains

Remember Ruth and all she lost

Her beautiful faith was worth the cost

Questions asked and prayers now wait

Resisting worry in delay

My grateful heart will choose delight

Remembering blessings from day to night.

Knowing (Inspired by Ruth 2)


When we are faithful

Our Father will see

Trusting the refuge

Beneath His wings

Believing in promise

Vowing to stay

Trust unwavering

Come what may

Time clicks slowly

Heart reassured

Obedient waiting

Motives are pure

Opening hands

To receive as it comes

Gleaning and humble

Beauty in crumbs

Eyes are upon you

Watching your stride

Smile in the knowing

God will provide.

Thoughts on Genesis 4 (Eve)

Our faith journey. The journey. It is impossible to know someone’s full story. More than what we can share with each other is what is shared with God. In the deep and secret places where we sit with our thoughts. Our prayers. Only God can hear the joy of our heart praising. Our words cannot express. Only God knows the depths of pain we feel. Words cannot express. Only God hears our bitterness and doubt when loss rips away our life. Words cannot express. Only God can beckon us into the Light. Words cannot. It is in our spirit where the battle rages. Why me? Why her? Why not me? Why not her? In this life we are faced with too much to bear alone. Joy feels too much, our hearts feel too full sometimes, even when its good. Pain feels too much, our hearts too heavy to carry. And then we have Jesus. I cannot imagine Eve’s faith journey without knowing what we know now. We can rest assured that Jesus will walk us out into the unknown. Joy or pain. Faith or doubt. But Eve, to journey into a stronger faith after losing one son and being given another. A beautiful restoration story. A beautiful reminder.

Eve’s Daughter


The questions remain

Lodged deep in her heart

Where did I come from?

Where did it start?

There must be a reason

My soul feels alive

In the purest of moments

With nothing to hide

Raindrops on oceans

A knowing glance

The simplest notions

Not fate, not chance

A movement inside you

Tears rushing tide

Emotions tip rising

Heart open wide

The remnant of Eden

Anchors my soul

Created for beauty

I am His. This I know.

Healed Heart Gleams

What stirs in heart at depths it seems

The whole of quiet, nature beams

Take a look and longer gaze

At what you pass in hurried days

Find the rest, your soul that thirsts

Remember love, remember firsts

Once wild desire, taken for granted

Trace back and see what seeds you planted

The tree that grows needs time to flare

Slow down, stop running, reaching for air

Hold to that which firmly rooted

Anchors soul, press play, now muted

Let beauty’s music guide your heart

Hope revealed, seen now in part

Gather treasures growing where

Your passion planted life once bare

Remember promise sown with vision

God graced you with a worthy mission

Humble down and let love rise

Cherish treasures, choices wise

Cease in searching empty dreams

Once cold and broken, healed heart gleams.

Words and Photo by Jennifer JLS


Happy New Year!

In my final reflections of 2014 I have chosen “simplify” as my life theme for 2015. Simplify is defined as: “To make simpler, either by reducing in complexity, reducing to component parts, or making easier to understand. To become simpler.” And so this is my prayer for my life and yours: May our lives be made simpler, less complex, ushering in more peace, letting love rule in our hearts. No matter what circumstances arise, I pray you know down in the depths of your being that true love holds you, our Creator loves you, and Jesus will walk with you through the toughest days as well as the gladdest days of your life. All you have to do is reach for His hand. May you make room in your days for quiet moments to refresh your heart and soul. Beautifully simple. Amen. Happy New Year!

Conquer New Lands


And as the year comes to a close

Time runs swift, heaven knows

Savored gifts and moments passed

Breezes caught and beauty grasped

Forgive with grace, none too soon

Offer mercy, cast seeds to bloom

Future goodness, hope springs “New Year”

Follow with footsteps without fear

Look inside your own deep heart

Worry not of another’s part

God has a purpose planned just for you

Other’s words won’t make it true

Trust and believe the desires set

Within your spirit, lest you forget

Breathe deep the air from where you are

Open eyes focus, near never far

Let life open as faith expands

Heart cries are answered, to conquer new lands.


Words and photo by Jennifer JLS




A New Yes

All it takes is a shift

One moment in time

A gentle glance given

Love spilled from your eye

Once jumpy and raw

Senses calm

Souls touch in seconds

Music in psalms

Twisted heart tightens

Control leaves you less

Release fear and loosen

Accept a new yes.