Life. Hold On.

Celebrate your every breath (we should)

Take it as it comes (we don’t)

Live every moment as if it’s your last (regrets)

So why don’t we do what we say (advice)

Rush in, rush out, breathe in, sigh out.

Life passing fast, slow down to a crawl

Stay close to the ground, notice detail

Tiny fragments wisping by, moments

In danger of losing, stop the madness

One life to live, each ticking second to grasp

And hold on. Precious simplicity

Found in these tiny fragments ( life).

Birds of a feather

No matter what is happening in my life, when I have a camera cradled in my hands, I am at peace.

When the camera has a chance to record anything worthwhile, I am even more blessed.

And when I can share these moments with you, peace is hopefully multiplied.      

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