I open my hands and my heart to You

My God, who has never forsaken me

Every hard place, every chain that binds

You are with me, breaking me free

All of my hiding places are found

You come when I seek You every time

No question is too much for Your love

Your grace proves that You are kind

You turn and answer me with light and truth

My heart knows and recognizes your voice

And like Thomas, You show me the proof

The holes in Your hands are what he needed

Your unwavering patience is amazing

Never do You turn from my seeking heart

Sweet Jesus, You are the better everything

In the shadowy valleys of pain and doubt

I trust in the path that leads to Your goodness

For your name’s sake You will guide me

From this empty, desolate place to fullness

I hope in Your Word, You are my Shepherd

Thank you for the still waters ahead

Thank you for the green pastures to come

I will fear no evil, I will rely on You instead.

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