Jesus is the Way

What does it mean to walk in the Way

When darkness and storms threaten?

How do I live with a heavy heart

When my love and life seem stricken?

Sunlight and glory call to me in my dreams

In sleep from a day of exhaustion

I wake to the days where God looks distant

And cloud covered skies still darken

I notice a flower where once there was dirt

A color so bright and vibrant

Blinking my eyes to tell if it is real

My soul comes alive in an instant

How quickly the landscape changes in Spring

The once barren land is alive again

Grey colored trees and cold, pale skies

Turn to bright greens and blues I forgot existed

Isn’t this the way breath feels in your lungs

When life giving energy flows to sustain you?

I remember the way of waiting is long

But my heart will determine point of view

In light of my questioning spirit I know

Light and love are the footsteps to take

One after the other with brave courage I walk

Aware of the messages I leave behind in my wake

A holy Man walked the earth with tears in His eyes

Seeking to save the lost and lonely souls in shame

Only He can bring the life we desire with proven and true love

He died for us on a cross in mercy, Jesus is His name.

Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life…” John 14:6

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