Nothing More To Prove

The secret life we hold within

Tells the story of who we are

Actions beyond skin and bones

Truth must travel far

Souls scatter bread and crumbs

Remnants of heart desires

Hints of love and light within

Scorched by worldly fires

Wounded by the rough terrain

We fight to keep our strength

And hope for merciful mending

Can we go the length?

Turn to find a basket full

Collected crumbs of bread

Loving pursuit by saving love

He’s followed my every tread

Where are you going sweet girl of mine?

His eyes are filled with grace

I cannot seem to remember now

But I am found within Your face

These secrets I hold are ugly

The blackness seems too dark

I fear the light that searches

But trust the graceful spark

Seeing feels unwelcome

But shame has disappeared

This basket full of my dreams

Contains hope without fear

Time to rest and explore this love

Proven by my Savior’s cross

I traveled long and far with shame

But none of life was lost

Everlasting Kingdom fields

Are ready for us to explore

Secrets opened and mercy found

With God, there is so much more

Take my hand my bride, my girl

Every day is new

Restoration sweetens the story

Nothing more to prove.


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