Thirst for truth

Jesus points out in John 8:44 that the devil “was a murderer from the beginning… There is no truth in him.” Back in the Garden of Eden, Satan convinced Eve that God was a liar and she gave in to the lust of her flesh. She wanted to taste the forbidden fruit. She did not resist and acted on her desire. She reached for more than what God had given, and so did her husband. Eve and Adam tasted to see, using their God-given freedom to disobey Him. They went for what they were explicitly told not to, and were immediately thrust into the bondage of shame and hiding. From Eden’s goodness and light came the shadows of sin and rebellion. They wanted to “see”, but they were blinded. Death entered the story. God told the truth. Satan lied. We choose the lies all the time.

There is no going back to undo the original sin. But there is learning. There is armor (Ephesians 6:11). And there is a daily battle that we must acknowledge whether we like it or not. Our desire for life is assaulted with deceit. God created us to love Him and the desire for that love and union with Him is always there. Satan tries to deceive us into thinking anything but God will fill us. He offers false water to quench our thirst. Jesus said all of God’s laws are summed up in this: Love God. Love others. Satan’s lie says love our selves above all else. This is the wrecking ball of pride. The ultimate lie, the wolf in sheeps clothing.

Lord, Thank you for sending Jesus to show us You, our Father. He showed us what love looks like. He showed us the truth and gave us our life and freedom back. Help us to recognize the enemy’s deceit and to choose Your path, God. Help us to remember the Eden You created and Your desires for our good. Let us choose the path to Everlasting life rather than the paths that lead to guilt and shame. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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