A Good Thief

Jesus is described as a thief in the night (1 Tes 5:2). Only this particular robber comes to take our hearts back to where we belong. Stolen from the world where we have lived and loved in, taken from a place filled with joy and pain, good and evil. He will steal our hearts and place them back in His treasure chest.

We as believers are jewels, being refined in this world to be prepared for the next. I am encouraged to know that the fires of affliction, loss, betrayal, and pain are the very things that make me shine brighter when endured through the process. The hope of eternity makes each season of joy shine brighter, and I am more gratefully aware of the coming Kingdom. With this reminder, I am struck by the urgency of being prepared.

Each new day is a gift. I want to open it slowly, be more intentional with my moments, and be ready for what comes. I belive God leaves the mystery of not knowing the time of Christ’s return because we need the anticipation. This pushes us to a deeper level of faith through living with expectancy. Yes, our current now can seem like the best thing, a place to cling to for life. And it is. And yet, there is something better to come. This is truth, and it is exciting!

Father God, I am grateful to know You. Let my life be as a jewel in Your crown, shining for others to see. Let my words and actions reflect Your glory. Help me to notice lost souls, hurting hearts, and those who do not know You. Give me the right words to point them to You. Let my story be lived at Your hand. May I co-author well in the waiting, and do my part to serve where You are working. Help me to live my life in honor of the expectancy You desire. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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