Seen In Part

Love when it’s hard, love when it isn’t

Love past the pain when you heart isn’t in it

Take up your grace and follow in kind

Shine light into darkness keep victory in mind

Take off your shoes, touch earth with bare

Let holiness seep with the power that’s there

Suspended in heaven a blue earth that floats

Tethered and grounded with dust covered hope

Sorrow will drown if you give in to the pull

Loss and betrayal fills empty to full

Push past the temptation to let too much go

Strategic intention holds truth that you know

Arrive at each morning with fresh eyes of love

Waiting and knowing a branch comes with the dove

Genesis story reminds me of God’s hand

His strength that’s invisible will help me to stand

Rise and walk to the voice that is calling

Take the path forward when promise is stalling

Keep to the course that is clear in your heart

Fullness in future only now seen in part.

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