I stand in the shadows and watch your life shine

The gifts you enjoy I wish they were mine

Most name me in kindness a self giving soul

But thoughts underneath if I’m honest are cruel

It isn’t my heart that wants to be cold

But the pride that’s within feeds on pain left untold

These words as I write them feel selfish and wrong

And the evil will conquer if I don’t hold on strong

The truth that I know will bring back the light

Coax me from darkness, my Prince, my Knight

I turn my heart from this blasphemous woe

Succumb to the Savior my soul came to know

Honest in struggles and vulnerable truth

Lands me straight in the arms of infallible proof

Prayers have been answered and goodness restored

In the flash of a moment the doubts have been torn

I step out in faith leaving comfortable knowns

Drawing strength for the journey that is not my own

To be loved as a daughter by the Creator of all

A Kingdom awaits and in hope I stand tall

The envy that threatens to bring down and destroy

Is conquered by freedom Christ gave to enjoy

A life with purpose and a world to explore

Instead of relief I seek wisdom and peace more.

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