He walked this world with skin like ours,

He felt our pain. He bears the scars.

To fathom God became a man-

How could this have been His plan?

One tiny life among the rest,

A baby born, God’s love shown best.

This man we’ve come to know as Christ,

Became the way. The truth. Our life.

He stood the brutal testing strong,

We were worth it all along.

His love and passion deeper still,

Than removing choice or our free will.

To let us choose to love and know,

Desires set within us flow.

Guided by our Father’s hands,

Our feet tread sure on rock, not sand.

Quiet down and close your eyes-

Breathe in the life where beauty lies.

Let go of all that weighs you down,

We are His love, creation crowned.

Don’t let your heart be dismayed,

We have the truth. The life. The Way.

(Inspired by John 14:1-6)


  1. So touching…you did a great job as usual. With your specific words you laid bare to all if us what He suffered….by His choice….to save us. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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