Earthen Vessel

“However, we possess this precious treasure [the divine Light of the Gospel] in [frail, human] vessels of earth, that the grandeur and exceeding greatness of the power may be shown to be from God and not from ourselves. We are hedged in (pressed) on every side [troubled and oppressed in every way], but not cramped or crushed; we suffer embarrassments and are perplexed and unable to find a way out, but not driven to despair; We are pursued (persecuted and hard driven), but not deserted [to stand alone]; we are struck down to the ground, but never struck out and destroyed;”
2 Corinthians 4:7-9 AMPC

God did not choose to put his treasure into perfect vessels, but he chose us. In all of our imperfect ways. He put his only son on this earth to be a treasured find for us. He did not wait for us to get it all figured out before giving us this gift. The value of perfection is easily explained, but me? It is only through God’s perfect power that I am who I am today.

No matter what happens in the outside world or to our physical bodies, when we have Jesus we have an eternal (and internal) treasure. The fact that God loves me enough to give me this treasure amazes me every time I stop to really think about it. And I should think about it. Often. This reality forms a sort of force field on the inside that sheilds my heart from the debilitating effects of evil and affliction. I am not crushed or trapped in despair. I am not destroyed, but I am safe in love. I am rescued.

Lord, I am so grateful to be trusted to hold this beautiful treasure. Thank you for the love and salvation through your only son. Thank you for the sacrifice to save me. Thank you for being my knight in shining armor. I love you too. In Jesus’ name amen.

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