Thoughts on Ruth 1


So many things here. At first I stopped short at how Naomi urged her daughters in law to go back to their land and former gods. I shook my head thinking, if she believed in the one true God then why would she do that? Why wouldn’t she do everything she could to convince them to follow her? And then God took me deeper in. Naomi lost her husband and her two sons. How heavy was her grief? Very. I carry a loss that hurts, but because there is life and breath in the one I have lost, there is hope for redemption and reunion. For Naomi, in her new now, she must journey without her lover and two sons. Yet she makes a sacrifice, to urge the only family she has left to leave her. She was acting out of a sacrificial heart. She believed these younger women whom she loved would find life and rest if they would return to their homeland and find security in husbands she felt certain would be easier to attain there. She wanted what she believed was best for them.

And then there is Ruth. She vowed to stay. And here is the depth of understanding God has shown me, but I am not sure I can adequately express it in words. Ruth was with Naomi as her daughter in law for ten years. She watched Naomi lose everything. Naomi did not pretend all was well. She wanted to change her name to bitterness. And yet, Naomi’s love and faith for God was bigger than anything in her circumstances. Ruth was watching. Ruth wanted to know this God her mother in law followed. She saw faith in action. Not in a life of ease and comfort, we know there was no happily ever after that she could see in this life. And yet, God moved within her. Ruth saw Naomi’s obedience to the God of Israel and this was striking.

I am struck. This is what we are called to do. This is the level of faith we are to attain. This is what God is refining us for. To draw in so closely to the heart of God that we sense the eternal hope He gives. Even in the suffering we hope. We know we are loved so deeply that a Father gave His Son’s life for us. And through our unwavering faith and being fiercely devoted, we shine the light of God into the world around us. They are watching. Who will decide to turn their back on their homeland to follow our God into the unknown? Who sees us and wants what we possess? Who does the world think we are? And who do they see us following?

(Your Cup Today)

Morning comes and we awaken
Wipe away the dust of stars
Open eyes to reality, shaken
Breathe in a day’s new life…

Decision time is here and now
Today we cannot hide
Let go of where you thought you’d be
Your faith is now your guide.
Cast your vision higher up
It’s time to venture on
Take the step in front of you
Uncertain as a fawn
Like a creature born today
Everything is new
The Lord is calling out to say
You’re mine, I created you
And in this childlike confidence
You have the world at bay
Dive in to depths never tasted
He will fill your cup today.


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