Thoughts on Genesis 21:1-7


All I can see here is grace. First, Sarah laughed to herself in disbelief when she heard God’s promise to her, and yet God heard and questioned why she laughed. In fear, Sarah denied laughing. God did not write her off or take the promise away, He gave her grace. And now, with her promised son in her arms, she laughs out loud (LOL) saying “God has made laughter for me, everyone who hears will laugh with me.” BIG GRACE.We have to remember who we are. And Who’s we are. God’s love is something I have to meditate on often. His promises feel true when all is quiet and I am sipping my coffee, spending time with Him. But as soon as I jump in my car and zoom off to work, that person pulls out and I am transported into reality. And anger, or frustration, seems to erase that peace I sat in only moments ago. And you know, that’s okay. I cannot control what happens to me, but I can definitely control what I choose to do with it. I pray that I choose well. That I learn to do better. That even in my current and very real struggles, even in my pain, that I choose well. Choosing badly only deepens the despair, and the momentary release of anger or unhealthy choice only moves me further from that peace I so badly desire. I do not want to be angry. Or right. Truly. I want to love and be loved. This is at the core of who I am as a woman. This is the catalyst that drives me to serve others, to spread joy and laughter, and is my true desire. Lord, help me to pause before reacting, comfort me in my despairing moments, reassure me in my doubts, and help me to be your light because I know where my hope springs from. The everlasting fountain of love is here for the sipping, for the tasting, for the filling of empty heart spaces I fear will never be satisfied, the unanswered dreams that have faded, the yearning for significance. Father comfort our hearts, inspire us to hope in big things, and let your will be done. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

(Words to Grow)

I drink in words

And pour them out.

Language soothes

A place without.

Thoughts in poetry

Guide my mind.


Peace, I find-

Where otherwise,

Rocky steps

Could bring demise.

My Savior places

Gifts within

To grow with life

To grow again.

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