Thoughts on Genesis 17:15-21 & 18:1-5


It is in the waiting where we are refined. Moving through time can be hard if we resist the process. When we try and force something by our own hand, there is an element of striving and unrest, and therefore no peace. Yes, we must work hard and be excellent in our duties, whether in our home life or in the corporate world. But, we can only do what we can do, with what we are given. And sometimes, oftentimes, we must wait. The purpose of reading and studying God’s word is to use it as a guide, to learn from mistakes of others, to be encouraged by examples of faith, to find truth, life, and peace. To know God more. I love the honesty of this story. Sarai is not painted as a perfect wife, she is not someone I cannot relate to. She is real, and honest, she made poor choices, and even laughed at God’s promise and then lied to God about it. This is not a watered down religious how to, pie in the sky kind of teaching. This is not, how to be perfect in 10 steps. This is vulnerability, this is authentic humanity, this is desire and longing, this is me. And so Sarai is given a new name. God said “I will bless her”, and He did. God’s promise comes to life and we see how His plan will come to pass no matter what our hands destroy in the process. There is grace. There is mercy. There is love. And in our world where there is destructive pride driving our lifestyles, commercials telling us what we need, books and movies telling us there are no moral absolutes, Facebook rants about why Christians are so jaded, why are there so many unhappy faces? Why do I hear so much complaining? Where is the joy that comes from being blessed abundantly in America? I want to be an example of the joy that surpasses all understanding, I want to bring life to the people around me, I want my life to bring glory and honor to my Creator. And I want to be an example of who Jesus is and why I follow Him. And so I keep studying, sharing, and praying hard for the hearts and lives of my people.

(Chasing Grays)

Sift and save the moments

Treasures found within your days

Walk with great intention

Collecting goodness in the frays

A day is born in morning

God’s gifting in the rays

Light bursts forth with promise

Chasing darkness, chasing grays.

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