Thoughts on Genesis 3:8-15


There was a trust and friendship between Eve and the serpent. This thought is difficult to even type, because it seems so wrong. It doesn’t make sense. I always thought of the serpent as an evil antagonist who tricked Eve. And this is true. But as I think of Eve, I try and picture myself there, as Eve. She is talking with the serpent and she is listening. This is what women do with friends. Our friendships are profound because we open our hearts to each other. When we are talking, we are sharing ourselves and there is intimacy. And so I realize, Eve’s heart was open and vulnerable. In her doubt, she was thirsting for something that agreed with her temptation. This desire she must have felt deep within her, that there must be more to life than this… Seems so familiar doesn’t it? That if only I had more of something, I would feel satisfied and complete. Even in the most perfect Eden, Eve’s heart wanted more. The lesson for me here is to remember that desire is a beautiful part of our story. But desire can lead us into very bad places. If we learn to let desire be what it is, and turn the desire toward God, He will fill us with His love. The joy He gives will fill our hearts in a deep and profound way. This is the mystery. This is the truth. Our spiritual journey can only be made when we let go of our pride. The movies that seem to transport us, or the music that seems to speak and move us, all tell of a happily ever after we hope to find someday. The truth is, happily ever after will come. Our lives here matter, but they are only a stepping stone path leading us into the everlasting. And in this I hold as pure hope.


    1. I’m not sure I’d call it a slant. Maybe it’s just the word slant that feels wrong? I’m seeking deeper truth and insight into what God can teach me in going deeper into Eve’s story 🙂


  1. I’m absolutely loving your blog lately because this is pretty much everything that God is teaching me as well and it’s a bit overwhelming realizing these things that are in our hearts as women, but you are writing it out perfectly. Thank you for sharing.

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