Eden Remembered

  As I walked along the beach early one morning, a man stopped me and asked if I was looking for shells. I said no I wasn’t really looking… But he said he noticed me stop from a distance, pick something up, and now he had something he wanted to give me. He extended his hand… A delicate, white shell. He said “it’s an Angel Wing… rare to find one in tact, they get pretty beaten up as they wash on to shore. ” I graciously thanked him and gently cupped the shell in my hands. I walked away, thinking, thanking, shaking my head, knowing…. And sobbing. That’s it God. Thank you. We all start out as a perfect creation. (Eve). And we all get pretty banged up as we wash on to shore. From the deep we are formed and then we journey toward Home. Our hearts know this. And In God’s hands we are gently cupped, and kept, as His treasure. Eden remembered.

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