Thoughts on Nehemiah 13:1-14

I see the struggles as part of the process, the adventure of life as I go through my days. Moments of clarity and certain direction can easily give way to changed emotions. My spirit is affected by circumstances, and my reactions spring from thoughts, turning to actions. It is easy to hope and be inspired when working for a large goal, something good right in front of me that must be done. But when the initial goal is completed and I begin to coast on the comfort, I can get lost in the smiles and satisfaction. What I have learned is that this beautiful life is not always beautiful, but there is always beauty. When I am caught up and distant from God, He still loves me. Beautiful. When I sin, there is forgiveness. Beautiful. When I fall or my heart breaks, there is healing and restoration. Beautiful. When I lay down my own life and humble myself to serve another, there is honor. Beautiful. When I cry desperate tears, there is comfort from Jesus who cried desperate tears too. Beautiful. When I lead and not one seems to follow, I can still follow my loving Leader, My Shepherd, who will never leave me behind. Beautiful. My heart is so tender towards all the beautiful hearts of women who are seeking to know God’s will. To live and love, to find healing and hope, to seek fellowship and encouragement in places like IF:Equip. I am thankful for each of you and I pray you feel God’s love and grace today.


(Life. Hold On.)

Celebrate your every breath (we should)

Take it as it comes (we don’t)

Live every moment as if it’s your last (regrets)

So why don’t we do what we say (advice)

Rush in, rush out, breathe in, sigh out.

Life passing fast, slow down to a crawl

Stay close to the ground, notice detail

Tiny fragments wisping by, moments

In danger of losing, stop the madness

One life to live, each ticking second to grasp

And hold on. Precious simplicity

Found in these tiny fragments ( life).



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