Thoughts on Nehemiah 11:25-12:26

Names. Each of these names in the story are tiny glimpses of bigger stories. Here these names are listed in God’s story of rebuilding a city. I dig in a bit deeper and imagine walking through the new Jerusalem, seeing the faces of these named people, and I wonder. What would they be doing? What would they be saying? I can almost hear the buzz of conversations, the planning of how to make this new life work. The meeting of new neighbors. The uncertainty. The excitement.  And this is our life too. Each of us stepping into the world each day, living in our stories. Our own names are written into God’s story. Where does my name appear in the story? What is my impact in this life? My current prayer is that God would reveal His path of life to me. For so many years I barreled along, seeming to progress and move into a future I had imagined. Somewhere along the way, my dreams got left behind. My heart was broken when I smashed into reality. My story had been hijacked, and although my story contains pain and life felt stolen, I realized the hijacker was Jesus. I found that my path of life was not following God’s story line. I chose the wrong adventure. Waking into my new story has brought me hope. My role has been repurposed, rebuilt, redeemed, and renewed. The memories of the paths that brought me here are part of my current story, character building memories filled with lessons and also love. I have never walked alone. I have never walked without love. Its just that I lost my focus, and I made some wrong turns. God has used each of the places I have been to build in humility, compassion, and understanding all woven together with grace and love. And I am ready for today. I am trusting God for tomorrow and each new day He gives as I follow His story.

(Life That Lasts)

Sweetness lies in memories,

Trigger feelings, jolting life awake-

Bright spark, heart responds.

Looking back into life,

In moments, recently passed,

Or further back in time, you see.

Reflecting, thinking, smiling in jest.

Don’t dwell in weakness, chase joy.

Focus on goodness, and dim the rest.

Gather your treasures, and keep them close.

Treasures of light, and sometimes in darkness-

Glistening jewels need shadows, to gleam.

Beaming rays shine brightly, at night.

If you look, you will find your love.

It’s not too late to make new memories.

It’s not too late to dance, or sing out loud.

It’s not too late for love to blossom.

God will take your pieces, scattered along-

Strewn like chaos, like feathers in the wind.

And He will weave them, into beautiful

Living fabric, life giving life that lasts.


  1. Love this Jennifer! You’re such an incredible writer. I also read “If Equip”…what an inspiration. Your words are so timely for me as I’m packing everyday (have been for weeks) getting ready to move back to my Mom’s house in Hurst. Ryon & Leah close on their house in north Ft. Worth on Sept. 11th & their movers come on Sat. the 12th. I’ll go down to help them…then my mover comes Sept. 17th. It’s bittersweet, I hate to leave the farm, but it’s not the same here now without Kirk…plus there’s no way I can keep up with the expense (work load) of maintaining this much of a place. Brian & Jena will be taking more of the responsibility now & use it as a vacation home for now. But they seem very determined to keep the farm in the family & they say they MAY move up to here as soon as Neely graduates from high school (she’s a sophomore this year). The young man we’ve leased the pastures to is working out wonderfully, he also bought all our cows…so sweet George can just stay here with the others. It’s also good to have him coming to check on things almost every day. He’s been a big help with fixing fences, etc. I think of your Mom & Dad often, love that you put their pictures on FB for their anniversary. I’ll try to call her again later this morning. Better run for now, Peggy

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