New Nows


Dive into depths and seek out real life

Ask questions and listen to the desperate wife

Find in your judgment a place to glisten

Humans are praying for someone to listen.


In a world that’s connected by digits and light

Flickering screens give false life to the night

Propelled by freedom and programmed to greet

We are far from the fruit that souls need to eat.


Come to me now and hold out your hand

Let my skin feel yours and let feet feel the sand

Remove your devices from sad, orphaned hearts

Try and remember where life really starts.


No place for a photo op, no ‘selfie’ to boot

Come and live life without ‘likes’ as your loot

Treasure in darkness what God can make healed

Your life is more precious than ‘likes’ can reveal.


And so if you’re seeking an end to your marriage

Remember that Facebook cannot be your carriage

Blessings are found in honoring vows

Forgiveness is perfect for creating new nows.



    1. Especially when it hurts. I’m so blessed to have a love that stands the test of everything. My testimony screams loudly in my role as a wife. God has poured out love beyond measure. And so I continue to learn to love as He does. No matter what. And I can attest to the no matter what. Storms have made these beautiful roots grow deeper.


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