Something Beautiful


Mistakes can be a catalyst for change if you will give in to the refining. Motives are purified in the heart and love will cover if you love enough. Let God do the heavy lifting and your soul will feel lighter. Seek peace, and pursue it. (Psalm 34:14). Laugh and enjoy the beauty right in front of you. There is always something beautiful.

Photo by: Cross My Heart


  1. Brings back memories of childhood there… lived in a parish in Louisiana south of Shreveport. Lovely picture… is this Mississippi or closer to the glades in Florida? Hard to tell the trees… either way the picture and thought together form a unique power. thanks!


      1. Nice… yea, remember taking a lot of trips south to see the Tigers in the old days. Had some cousins in the Big Red. Loved it down there, go out gatoring with his dad and older brothers. Loved it out on the tails of the river spikes deep in.

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