You scream at the sins but don’t fight for what‘s missing

Crying for love and yet you were not listening

Back into darkness, I find my own way

I want to be good, I kneel down and pray

You blame the wine, the sex, or the drug

When really, it’s all just a hole and a plug

A missing piece of me, gaping and empty

Longing for something, to feel like its plenty

Sensational actions,and life without censor

Our hearts were created, for love and adventure

True love can fill you, God’s love is enough

If only be still, without proving you’re tough

Life without boundaries, without drawing the lines

Plumbing against evil, touch thorns on the vines

Eyes open to light, to grace and forgiveness

Arms open wide, if you trust God within this

He’ll show you your faith, will bring plenty of bliss

To drink living water, your thirst will be quenched

And the place that was empty, will truly be drenched.

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