Deep Love Bleeds and True Love Loves

Love, is not like skipping stones

Bouncing and skimming, from one to another

I see how people love, like that

Falling to hurt and blaming the other

(My heart knows, and holds true love)

I learned in the journey, guided from above

I skimmed, across some hearts in life

Some hurts, some tears, some trouble, and strife

Then I heard, about a man, who died for me

Upon a cross, beaten, and tortured, upon a tree

His love, dripped blood, his tears, pure and clean

A love, so true, so deep, and free

A love, like this, I had never known

My loves before, were skipping stones

And now, this rock, this peace, down below

Has given, me strength, His love, I know.

Deep love bleeds, true love loves.

So I walk stronger, and so I will love.


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