Painful choices, mother’s day dreams… Happy Mother’s Day Mom.

I am adopted, yet I don’t carry that word around like I did in my adolescent years. As the days and years go by I find that I catch hold of a truth that would never be realized by chance alone. The wisdom I gain is given by God at just the right moment and time.

This particular week leading up to mother’s day, I learned of a woman who, like many others, I assumed (or silently decided), that she must have grown up in a happy home with an “apple pie” type of family. How shocking and sad to learn that she was put in an orphanage when she was only five years old. This led to foster “care” by an abusive woman, which led to quite an unhappy childhood. To see her now, she is a perfect example of a person who overcame the obstacles which were beyond her control, and she became a strong and vibrant woman. I did not hesitate to tell her that I look to her as an inspiration, and how she positively affects everyone she meets.

I find that all too often we are not told how we contribute to the wellness of others. That our smiles and joyful sharing of life can make a difference. And so it turns to me, my own adoption story, and how thankful I am to have never known that feeling of being unwanted. My mother wanted a baby more than her next breath and after seven years of marriage, she was finally faced with her moment to become the mother she had always dreamed of, to me. I was wanted!

Since I was adopted as an infant, there was no feeling of abandonment. For that I am thankful. But for a long time, I never thought about the pain and difficulty of carrying a baby for nine months only to hand the child over to another family. What a sacrifice. I am thankful to have been given this life, and the opportunites that came along with my adoptive family. I am thankful that my parents loved me through the difficult times. And I am hopeful that I can be the voice of an unborn child whose mother is considering abortion. Life is precious and pain can be endured, with God’s help. I pray for you who may be reading this, that you would be strengthened to know that if you are faced with an unwanted pregnancy, you hold the key to another woman’s dream and an entire family’s happiness.

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